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Awesome ps wats with the marshmellow?

Very fast! Are you making a robot for the natures fury challenge?!? RATING:****

@DamonMM2000 cool!5 stars and could come see my lava rescue truck?

@ BenC98: The marshmallows were for snow.

@ mindstormsrock12: Maybe.

Very funny! And a simple but nice mechanism, it is quite fast! 5P

Awesome! Very cool walking system. But when it walks to much, does it fall? Maybe you can try to connect the feet with one peg?

VERY COOL! I like the simple walking mechanism.

@ Audiultra: Thanks! I give nxtstep101 some credit since the mechanism was inspired by his bot.

@ lama-mantis: One thing I didn't care to mention was that P3NGUIN can't walk on smooth floors; he can only walk on carpet. And yes, occasionally, he does lose footage and fall. But I fixed all that this morning when I upgraded it. Now, it can walk on glass too! Maybe I'll post P3NGUIN II, even though it was exclusively for my book (you know).

This reminds me of George.

Oh, your biped? I can see that.


Really cool can it actually walk on a sidewalk

That walks very fast!

@ willshev: No, but upcoming P3NGUIN 2.0 can.

P3NGUIN won the WalkingBot Challenge for the Animals category!!! I'm so happy.

Awesome! It walks really fast!

Thank you very much, MINDSTORM100.

Congratulation for winning the Walkingbot challenge! You really deserve it, it's a very well built biped! Yes I'm late :) I simply forgot to check out the winners because there is much to do for SO's challenge :)

Thank you Audiultra! I am pleased with this bot.


Thank you lama-mantis!

cool! 4****+

Thanks bomber.

Cute! Although in the video it looks a little bit wobbly.... Great job! Can it steer or only go forwards and backwards?

Also, good luck with your new book!

Thanks! I feel inspired to build a biped robot!

@ littlejohn22: Thanks! It can only go forward and backwards.

@ funnyduck99: Great!

@ siah23: That's awesome!




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P3NGUIN is another entry for EV3Community's WalkingBot Challenge. P3NGUIN is a biped robot; he walks on just two legs. P3NGUIN is a very fast biped; I am pretty sure that he is faster than the official NXT Alpha Rex (1.0 + 2.0). Watch the video for yourself and tell me what you think. So you may be thinking, "What's up with the main picture?" Penguins live in cold weather areas, right? (Most of them, anyway.) So I had P3NGUIN on "snow". Yep, the marshmallows are big "snowballs". I had to work on this robot for a little bit longer than I usually spend (on this sort of project). This robot walks with only one EV3 Large Motor. Please look at the additional info that I have included on the walking mechanism by clicking "Additional Information". Remember to enjoy the video!

walkingbot LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot animal penguin bird biped walk walker fast quick (thanks nxtstep101)

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