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The EV3 Biped Omega Rex Profile



Did the same walking mechanism as Alpha Rex 2.0? the is an awesome biped! so is the video. 5*****s

Very nice project! You definitely should win the out of the box challenge! I am amazed at any biped design but this robot is really awesome! Also very nice video. Five Stars

Thank you sooo much!

cool! i really like the first alpha rex and the ev3rstorm, but i dont have them (i have the nxt 2.0 set). About that name: is it from my EBB Omega?

an idea: sleep when it is dark

No , the name did not come from EBB. I did know however that you did have a robot named omega.

Wow! 5*. You should make building instructions. I realize that building in LDD is a pain but this is a really great robot that other people just might want to build. I know I do!

WOW! I have Ev3 so if you have instructions, i can build it! 5*****

Epic! can you make one with building instructions on Lego digital designer?

how did you do such a great video? Where did you get the music?

Wow! Totally awesome! I'm speechless! Great video, BTW!

This should be "featured project"!

EV3RSTORM wishes he was as awesome as this.


This is amazing! Funny, I was going to build an EV3 Alpha Rex soon too. Is this an Alpha Rex 1.0 biped or Alpha Rex 2.0 biped? Rating: ****

When they make EV3 2.0 they should have this as the biped!

AWSOME video !!!!!!! AWSOME robot !!!!!!! I WANT A LDD LDD LDD !!!!!!!!

I vote for LDD and program! Lego should make this a bonus model! even better then UB!!!!!!!!!!

At all these comments, I bet EV3RSTORM is jealous of Omega Rex.

outstanding one mate ;)

To bad for ev3storm. This is one of the best bipeds created from lego parts!!! *****

amazing, but remove those spike thingys, It doesn't look so great with the. makes the top look like a peacock.

again,AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when is ldd coming????????????

LDD please please please please please please please (goes on for infinity)

That is brilliant work! I'd really like to take closer look to the walking mechanism. :)

Please give us LDD file!

This is awesome!! Please more info.. I want to build it!


Dear DaveAndJoe would it be possible to have the ldd done by the 30 of October or sooner? also you could check out my humanoid contest to find the right tags if you want to enter this awesomely epic robot in the humanoid competition.

Suggestion: You could put moving claws on one arm and a sensor on the other

This bibed lifts its legs of the ground !!!

please daveandjoe answer my question

no I can not finish it. I am busy with FLL so I can not do it until this spring. :(

aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww what is the nearest date you could do it by? please not next spring at least by the end of oct. if that's not possible then just tell me the closest time when it's possible

I could do it over Xmas break. It would be impossible to do it any earlier.

sounds good to me! thanks a lot DaveAndJoe!

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i dont get why people like nxt more than ev3

Wow! Well done on this really cool humanoid robot! (And also well done one the video, it feels somewhat climatic & exciting :P)

you still need to tag it with a compititon dave and joe

also it is HumanoidsINC please correct these slight errors thanks!

also how do you open project files? I have ev3 but I can't open your files

look for the abbreviated tags in my competition

I love it, 5 of 5 stars, 100% of 100%

Any chance of building instructions? They don't have to be made in LDD -- you can take a load of photos instead. 5*.

I do hope to make instructions. However, I am very busy so it will not be any time soon.

awesome!we are the instrucions?the solution!make instrucions in ldd please

The EV3 Biped Omega Rex



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When the NXT 1.0 set was released in 2006 the prime model of the kit was a biped known as Alpha Rex. The kit did have three other models, the vehicle , the animal, and the machine. In 2009 Lego unveiled the next generation of NXT, the NXT 2.0 set. This set also had that winning combination of the vehicle , the animal, the machine , and the humanoid. However it was a small disappointment for me when I saw that the EV3 set did not have all the robot types the NXT sets had. Out of the 16 robots that Lego had building instructions for ,not one was a biped. I am not complaining that there was no biped. I am sure Lego had reasons not to put a biped in the set . I think that the main reason was that bipeds use far more levers then gears. In order to have the great part selection in the EV3 set Lego had to sacrifice Alpha Rex . They then could put more useful parts in the kit. One that note I give you Omega Rex. Just as the beginning of the great reign of NXT bipeds started with Alpha ,the first letter of the Greek alphabet, I present Omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet. If you want to learn how I used circular motion to make this walk, why I use three sensors, or many other things on this biped, read on! *Note: I worked really hard on the video and I think it came out very nice, if you want to see how great this robot really is WATCH IT!*

biped ev3 robot outofthebox nxt lego HuminoidsINC HumanoidINC walkingbot

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