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Somebody is going on a one star spree rating everything one star...but anyway nice job ecarvajal!

Awesome, I wish I had Lego pneumatics! 5 stars

Cool! :)

i dont really understand what it does...

That looks similar to my IDPC. Although, I do not have a pressure sensor so I made my own using a small pneumatic cylender and an NXT Touch Sensor. I too have thought of using the pressure gauge, found on the Lego Education websidte, but do not own one at this time!

@whenpenguinsfly25: Im on a five star spree! Also, I like the pressure thingy! What can it do?

Whoa that cool. It looks complicated. So it uses a presure sensor to gague how much pressure in the containment unit right? Cool Project Good Job

Do I spy with my little eye a sensor that is not officially Lego? Well, in any case it's always good to have compressors when using pneumatics.

I create this second avatar by myself to answer questions because as the project owner I don’t have the possibility to add comments in my projects.

To lama-mantis: for the machines that uses pneumatic power you need a compressor to generate this compressed air (the pneumatic power) This compressor power unit generate the air with the pressure you needs and auto stop when there is not consumption of air.

To NXDave: It is possible to use a combination of spring and touch sensor but the problem is that is very difficult to select the desired pressure and, also, this solution has not a good repetitive operation.

To RoboGeek525: Yes, it uses a presure sensor from Mindsensors to gague how much pressure in the containment unit

where do you get the gauge


ok i understand

To mathmachene: the gauge is included in the pneumatic kit lego number 9641.


To streamliners: It is not necessary to spy … Read the description from the project it is enough to see that there is a sensor from Mindsensors.


To Jllach: The pneumatic cylinder actuator is not a really part from the compressor. This element and the 3 way valve near the gauge is to consume the compressed air and check that the servo motors from the compressor start again when the presure falls from the desired value. Thanks for everybody for your coments.

Cool!!!!! Where did you buy it!!!


To brentbeme: The project is not a set that you can buy. If you ask me about the set 9641 where the gauge it is included, I buy in a LEGO reseller shop in Barcelona.

Barcelona in SPAIN!

I just have this thing about "Lego ONLY". That means no third-party parts, and no modified parts. Even if Lego approves a third-party product, I still consider it not Lego. It's just my own personal rule, I meant no offense to your creation.

What does this thing do thats important?

To Streamliners (1): This is a freedom place. Somebody enjoy sharing creations, learning and finding fresh new ideas without this kind of restrictions. Others like other rolls. It’s your choice. As you can see in the description, I say very clear that there is a Mindsensor element. If Lego have decided to publish it maybe is because it might be of interest for somebody from the community.

To Streamliners (2): There are a lot of projects that uses no LEGO parts. I like this because I thing that this is robotics. It's just my own personal rule, I meant no offense your choice.

To DamonMM2000: Have you already read the comments of other users?

Oh believe me, I know what that means as an RCX user. NXTlog was just so restrictive. Well I'm glad we're on the same page here. So, on a side note here, do you plan on using this compressor? Because I was thinking that maybe I'd post a competition where it would be good to have a pneumatic engine. (Hint. Hint.)

To streamliners: I think it will better if you try to avoid to be so restrictive, open your mind and enjoy and learn with the projects from the other users and find by yourself where you can use a compressor. This is not a competition place. It is a place to share and enjoy!

Precisely, I am suggesting a way to use a compressor. A pneumatic racing competition. Now you may think competitions result in an arrogant winner and a not so happy loser. Not here. My hopes are that a competition would be motivation to make our robots even better than they already are. Hopefully, we can submit our robots, determine why the winner won, make ours better, and resubmit until we've

reached our best.

To streamliners: Good luck for your Pneumatic Car Challenge! If you need a High Presure Compressor you know … but remember: it uses a one no LEGO part!

Okay, so clearly, we have different Lego philosophy, but that's okay, agreed?

cool robot

To DoctorSpring: Thansk!

Hi. This is a grate project and use of pneumatic sensor. I agree that this is god thing to reach out and use third party elements, especially if Lego does not offer its own solution. Is there a chance for you to publish program for this compressor please? Regards

High pressure compressor



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This compressor is able to reach pressures up to 60 PSI (4 mb), the maximum that can be shown by the LEGO analog gauge. It uses 2 NXT motors and 4 small compressors. With a gear systems reach the RPM required for this pressure. The user can select the desired pressure. With the pressure sensor from Mindsensor, the system stop when this pressure has been reached and start again when the pressure falls from this value.

Compressor pneumatic pressure

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