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Really cool! Rating: *****

I love the sleek design! By the way, Arju_k, did you make tis out of only one EV3 31313 set? You gear system is aways very ingenious!

Thanks DamonMM2000 and Mindstormsfan3! Yes, this is made out of only one Ev3 #31313 set. I try to make my robots both mechanically advanced and physically attractive. Thanks for the compliment!

I am sorry I could not provide additional photos. I will add them as soon as I can, as STARSCR3AM is still not disassembled. :D

Cool looks! And nice transmission! When will your dragster competition results be announced? ****

@TheMindgarage: Thanks! My competitions results are most likely to be announced before the 20th of September. It may take some time before I finish the judging. I wish all the best to all the participants! :D

@Arjun_k Thanks!

That is a very good creation. five stars.

Thank you EV3RACER! :)

***** nice i love it

Thank you!

i have made foxy i am a pro at lego

Great Robot

How do you build it?

Hi! Amazing work! Do you have the building instructiones? Thank´s.

Awesome! It would be even more awesome if you could make building instructions! Five stars +favorite

nice robot but i have a question ware are your cables on the pictur


Sorry for the late reply guys! @didrik1232: Can you publish your foxy? I am looking forward to see it! @ 4488master: Thanks! @Theprogrammer2, mhaber, mindstormer765: Thanks for the comments! I am sorry, I cannot provide you with the BIs because 1. The robot was disassembled a long, long time ago and 2. I am not fluent at LDD. @manasseh8: Thanks!

LuckyLego2016: I have removed the cables because they were clouding the looks of the car.

Epic so cool i didn't knew it moved!! Rate⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This is advanced you shoul submit this to lego ideas

Really coooooooooooooooooooooool


@Atkeswen: Thanks! But I do not understand what you have said. :? @cool8438: Man, that's an awesome idea! Why didn't I think of it before? @mindstorm9000: Thanks a lot, man!

This could be my best rated project EV3R!

Why dont you put the building instructions for other people to try it

Hey, that's very nice of you, MindstormsMan8! @beacha2213: I am sorry, dude. I cannot make the instructions for this robot because 1. It has already been disassembled. 2. I am not fluent at LDD. 3.I ma planning to enter this into LEGO IDEAS, and do not want other people copying my creation. I hope you understand.

Please see my robot and may I try to build this using the pictures I won't post it and 5* +fav + follow

this is really coo!

@Technobuild: Of course you can build it! And you may even post it if you want to. Just tell me if you need any help. :) @LegoLegend8105: Thanks, man!

Ok I will start when I can!

Good luck!



how fast can it go?

transmission?! AWESOME! Why did you call it starscream?

Arjun_k:very Thanks! Good luck!

very very special Thanks! Happy Chinese calendar!

does it steer?

this is super cool

how do you get the instructions

it is so cool

very very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

harihari0709: STARSCR3AM is quiet fast. It can cover almost 5mph, must faster than most of my other vehicles. @oliverpham000: Thanks! STARSCR3AM just sounded like a cool name to me, so I named it that. The name is actually inspired from Starscream from transformers. @ LZF9: You are welcome, but for what? And a happy belated Chinese New Year to you too! @ buggaman6640: Yes it does. :P

@MakaniW: Thanks! I have not made instructions for this, and it has been disassembled. Sorry! @anog2323: Thanks! @WoHyen: Thanks! And sorry for the late reply, guys. :D

AWSOME does it drive 😀

very cool!

very,very,very coooooooooooooolllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you speek Russia?




Wow! This is a very interesting model. I am very interested in gearboxes and mechanisms, if you can please could you post some sort of guide? But great model and 5 stars, a favorite, and a follow.

Cool car

Wow what a mega ultra focusing cool robot !!!! I love these robots !!!!


Don't open the file ProjectEv3.ev3,it's a harmful file!

yeah! realy cool! *****

I think that robot looks really fast and I would really think that it is really fast compared to some of the other robots. Please upload some more robots that are cool like this one. Thanks for the design it is really a beauty.

I would rate this 5 stars...

Super cool!!! Rating:*********************************************************************************************************************

If you upgrade it, you would be the best on Mak3rFaire 2015.

5 Stars

is that a car

@Darren1304: Yes, of course it does :P. @IVANKUR5195 :Thanks! @vcfd_2016: No, sorry, I don't. @messi0905: Thanks! @dfavier: Thanks! @SamuelMorse-Brown: Thanks! I would try to post some giudes on building gearboxes, but I am too overloaded right now, and it would be very difficult. However, I would recommend reading Sariel's "The Unofficial Lego Technic Builder's Guide". I am sure that would>>>>

>>>> help you a lot. @reeceman2347: Thanks! @ZSDF4099: Thanks! @alawson3232: Thanks! @Painbot222: I have checked the program file, and I don't seem to find anything wrong with it. As a matter of fact, none of the projects on this website have corrupted files attached to them. The moderators reject the corrupted ones. @edgarsv: Thanks! @aB1p: Thanks! I surely would! crazy1231: I have upgraded >>> it.

<<< You can check out its profile by searching for STARSCR3AM v2. @goal1363: Thanks! @iguillen2015: Yes, yes it is. :D

@mods: Why haven't you published the third part of my comment?

Hi Arjn_k, took me a while to find out it was a glitch! I changed something so it should show more than the arrows now! ❀MiaKittyMoon❀LEGO Mod Team ♪♫♬

Thanks miakittymoon! :)

video please




37 Favorites

Hello, my friends! I am sorry for not posting something for a long time now. I was very busy. Now, I am going o show you one of my greatest projects yet, the STARSCR3AM RC sports car! STARSCR3AM is one of my first robots to feature a two speed transmission, gyro drift function, return to centre steering, cliff edge avoidance, manually interchangeable face plate, extendable axle and a lot more! It uses all three motors and an infrared, gyro, and light sensor. The gear ratios which the transmission provides are a torquey 2:1 ratio for the 1st speed and a speedy 3:1 ratio for the 2nd speed. It is not a very diverse choice, but I am still learning how to make transmissions and maybe use a 4 speed transmission for my next vehicle. You can also remove the hood without affecting the rest of the vehicle for easy access to the internals. Read on to find out why this vehicle is the greatest one I have ever created till date!

makerfaire15 transmission 2 speed fast torque interchangeable face plate removable hood drivers seat gyro drift cliff edge avoidance light sensor extendable axle Mindstorms coolest STARSCR3AM TEAM EV3

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