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Very nice build eliottkenobi! 5stars+fav! I really like self navigating autonomous cars that go around the room detecting obstacles and stuff. Also, it's feature packed with a clever steering mechanism, line following algorithm and powerful motors. Were you inspired by nxtprograms.com's Explorer robot?

Video please!!!!!!!!!!!

That's good, 4**** liked that the US sensor is connected to a motor, i think that you should try another steering mechanism.

Nice idea! Rating: ****

I can not do a low enough resolution video to post for you guys. i am sorry. :(

Nice idea! I see you haven't posted robots in a while.

Nice concept, I'll have to try it myself, btw thanks for your support on the URV project

Hi I'll be doing this building, I'm following people because I need idea to lead my team so that they can learn to succeed


cool! and, elliotkenobi! my other account is ijp1218.

very clever! thanks for sharing!!! :)

Luv it! How does the front wheel steering work and what is the program for finding its way around? Fave+tried to do 5 stars but messed up and did 4

It works by turning a motor on it's side to turn the front wheels

Self Navigating Car



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This is a car than can find its way around a room. It has many features. Look at the extra steps for more info. please rate and comment. :)

car navigate mindstorm wheels NXT 3 motors track sensing
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