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That's the coolest etch-a-sketch I've ever seen!!

You did very well with the design of the pad. Rating:****

Fantastic! Although I do see that piett created the program. Still, it's a nice, compact design, so I'll compromise at 4**** Also, since it is such a good design, why don't you also convert it into a remote control and upload the LDD, so if anybody needs a remote control for whatever, they can use this. Just an idea. P.S. I think I'm in a bad habit of sending really long comments. Oh well.

EPIC!! There's no way I can program my robot to do that! 5 stars!

Great idea, 4****

That is awesome! What happens if you let the line run into the side of the screen, though? Does it stop or what? 4*

I love etchasketcha models!

Nice job, and a great shell for the bare brick and motors, however, why not try to make your own program, it was fairly easy on nxt software, and should be on ev3,,, anyway, it looks great, so 3* :)

Looks really nice! I'm not skilled enough to make such a program for it :D 5P


hey DamonMM2000:come see my finde3r!and your BIPLAN3 2 is better with 4.5 stars if you enter it into my plane build off!

Wow, that's cool!

@ funnyduck99: You look fine!

@ funnyduck99: I post on Apple iMac.

@ MarsCystalMan: It doesn't stop, unfortunately.

@ mindstorm815: Fine, it's alright with me.

o.k. hey you are the only entry so far exspt mabe mindedlegos

Cool, 4*, can you please post the program?

@ douglasjaymiller: OK, I'll post the program ASAP.

A W O S O M E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@ EV3BRICK: As I mentioned in my description, this is NOT my program, but piett71's. Check his etch-a-sketch out by typing Etch a sketch in the MINDSTORMS Community search box.

@ funnyduck99: For a fast gear ratio with reasonable torque, I suggest a 3:1 gear ratio (connect a 36z gear to the motor and a 12z gear NeXT to it).

Thank you EV3ryone for your positive comments!

Rating: 5 ***** SUPER COOL!!! Can I have the program please???

Hey DamonMM2000, I am a huge fan, I was wondering, can I create a project based on this one, please.

witch program block did you use to make the line appear when you are rolling the wheel

Just open "ProjectEv3.ev3" under downloadable files.

OK. First, the display block. Change the SHAPES parameter to Point. Put a Loop block AFTER the display block. Put 2 Motor Rotation blocks for port B & C INSIDE the Lop block. Have them measure degrees. Put a Brick buttons block on COMPARE mode for the middle button inside loop block. Then another DISPLAY block with SHAPES-Point parameter inside loop block. Change CLEAR SCRREN to false. >>>

Remember, every block except the first one are INSIDE the loop block. Connect a data wire from motor rotation block for port B to the second display block on the Y parameter. Connect a data wire from motor rotation for port C to the second display block X parameter. Connect a data wire from the brick buttons block under the = sign to the second display block CLEAR SCRREN: FLASE parameter. >>>

Make sure that the LOOP block is set on Unlimited, and you're good to go!

I've posted an etch a sketch, it just needs to be moderated

OK! Can't wait to see it!

Thanks for the help, I will upload my version soon

Neat idea! *****+follower

No problem! I like to help others who need help. Feel free to ask me a question anytime.

I am very, very sorry DamonMM2000 for not giving you any feedback for a long time.

It's okay; I've been away for a while too.

its cool Damon

Thank you.

UPDATE: SCRIBBL3 PAD won the Artistic Appreciation Award for the official LEGO ArtBot Challenge!

can you post instructions with every single step with separated blocks? not like the sumo wrestler?

and congradulations!!!!!! 5 *****

favorite!!!! (musically)I can follow you if you want

your creations are aawwssoommee

can you add program?

cannot understand program

picture of the program?

->->-> Thank you for the positive feedback; I try to make my builds with quality and playability (strong construction) in mind. The program is included under the "Downloadable Files" tab.

definatly can"t understand program

the words are confusing

can I follow you?

tm in a habit of asking people for permission to follow

@ swiftotter: Uh, of course. I don't see why you need permission. It would seem the other way around, you know... :)




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SCRIBBL3 PAD is just like the popular Etch-A-Sketch toy! With SCRIBBL3 PAD, you can escape boredom by "drawing" using the two motor knobs. Well, it'll actually be more like scribbles, but hey-it is fun! The left knob controls left & right, and the right knob controls up & down, just like the real one! Instead of attaching gears to the two large motors as originally planned, I used the large tires for a "grippy" feel. When you want to erase what you've drawn, you don't have to restart the program! Just press the Enter button on the EV3 Brick, and the lines disappear! The video shows the drawing and erasing properties of SCRIBBL3 PAD. NOTE: I created another new program for SCRIBBL3 PAD, so now the design and program is solely mine!

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