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This is a very creative and good-looking idea! I like it. Although it would be better if it could walk to the left and to the right.


Talk about "Out of the Box".

Cool! I like it! Rating: ****

cool! try making a 2.0 version. P.S I made a really good walking humanoid (which I am hoping to post soon) that you have to manually center it's legs to so don't feel so bad about it.

great job on this! I think the winners of the challenge are pretty obvious at this point. I know this is one!

That is amazing! The servo under the horses head looks a bit awkward, but other than that it looks awesome, and you made it with only one EV3 set! Great job!

nice project, ive never seen that walking mechanism before. you should look at some of my projects, i think youll like them, i do walking mechanisms too

Cool design.

This is very good. I like the attention to finishing touches.

Thank you for your comments! There will definitely be a quadruped v2. I'm quite happy with the overall looks of this one, but it's not that satisfying to play with due to movement restrictions and durability issues. To get it turn I need to shift the motors to left and right and a way to transfer the walk-circle to both legs. We'll see...I don't wan't to clone DINOR3X :)

wacky0000: Your walkers look absolutely great. For some reason I cannot download the movies, but I bet they walk(run?) and turn very well. I have to try later if it's the site that's stuck. The leg system is basically the same; three pivot points and the planter.

Very clever! I like it! Oh, why not just give it five stars *****


Could you make a LDD file for this? It is a very nice design.

camppest: Thanks. Yes, I will supply a LDD soon, need to store the instruction to myself too. I really want to get to a new project. LDD...uhh, angled stuff are somewhat tricky.

Yeah I know. Some times the pieces won't connect. :(

Really cool!

the LDD and program should be there as soon as they get published.

If you have trouble aligning pieces, try using the hinge-align tool. It should help.


nice beard!!!!!!

well I guess Omega will never be featured now :(

Wait, wasn't this already featured? And are the mods being biased towards these featured robots and only picking EV3's? :(

nice horse

@DaveAndJoe: Thumbs up for your Omega. Let's hope success on outofthebox. And it still might get featured. :) @streamliners: This wasn't featured, but it was shared on Mindstorm facebook page. I guess Lego has a promotional reason for featuring EV3 robots recently.

That is sooooo cool


can you make it jump?please anser

yeah no recent Nxt or Ev3 project has come close to being as good as this project , streamliners. they just feature what they feature.

@lucky9509: In theory it might do something that resembles a jump, but in practice the legs break apart when running 100% motor power, so the answer is NO :D

Very impressive! Works as good as it looks!

hey, sorry it took me ten days to reply. anyways, my walking mechanism is smart, but out dated. if you were to try using my design, you will find that it is stable at low speeds, but uncontrollable at high speeds. my project ATST runner displays this concept perfectly. overall, my design is basically an over complicated wheel. i am attempting to change this soon with a more advanced walking...

mechanism. as for your video problem, i can try reposting my project if you like.

wacky0000: Yes, I'd love to see your AT-ST in action, I still cannot download the wmv... You have managed the walking system with several attachment points. I always seem to run into a situation where the legs are giving a lot of stress to only one peg. I really should go into solving that problem. But there's a dilemma with design, functionality and running out of pieces.

i have a great design for a quadruped walking mechanism. it evens out the stress well. i just don't have enough pieces to build it. if only i can send a pic of it to you so that you could build it. as for the video problem, ill re-post it as soon as i have time.

by the way, the design im talking about is incredibly simple

Now that is one of the coolest things i've ever seen.

it is THE coolest thing


ok, i just reposted it

This looks really cool and funny.

Funny!!!!! *****

Don't worry! Omega also had zero playability.

i like it!!! rating 5*****

Finally I found a quadruped walker system for a robot I want to build! 5*****!!!

its very hard to bulid.

awesome robot I love horse back riding


You could reduce the amount the legs slip by positioning the tyre further down the wheels. Very nice design... shame it doesn't turn. 4*

Epic. Enough said.


nice i well post my robot dog later

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A famous sheriff galloping to sunset! Well, not so much galloping, but it does walk, forward and backward. The horse is run by two large motors, one for the backlegs and the other one for the front. The riders head and arms are controlled by a medium motor, which also works as a torso for the rider. It can detect things and reverse or be remote controlled. The touch sensor is handy for switching it on/off. Having some bad attemps to do a biped, I decided to make a quadruped instead, giving more room for "design" at this point. At first I built a prototype to see if the leg system would work. (actually, the prototype walked better than the final version..). It was pretty tricky to put pieces together to make it look like a horse insted of huge of mess of bars. ButI'm glad i could include there the most important parts, which are Wyatt's moustache and the cowboy hat! Everything else is there just for bonus. It has numerous faults. The leg parts tend to pull apart, It doesn't turn, the rear legs slip alot (I know why, but it would propably need some dramatic changes to front legs...) The Brick is fighting against gravity and it has no startup sync, so you have to manually position the legs before walking. Also the riders hands should go up and down at the same time, not to swing in turns. I actually did that, but the gear system at the top of the torso put the head awkwardly high and the hands were hitting moustache out of order. Not acceptable! So I compromised that. Built only using EV3 31313 parts, that's all I have. I seem to be running out of the small blue pegs all the time, but I finally got use for the angled bars. I'm planning to make some more characters which are kind of away from traditional robotic context. So, I'm quite ready with this one, need those parts for the next one.

outofthebox quadruped horse

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