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Very nice robot! It looks neat and compact, qualities not often found around here. Also well photographed and documented, five stars and welcome to the community!

Cool!! What a neat first creation! That is such a unique way of moving :D We can't wait to see what your family builds next! -- catwizard, LEGO Mod Team

Nice job!! I like it!! Welcome to the community!!

Very, very nice! Great decorating, and awesome description! It's good to see a nice, quality creation around here every once in a while. 5*

Nice. 4 stars. But how does it turn?

Which bot will win robot design in bio mimicry challenge? T Worm or my Robodile?

wow, pretty cool and unique movement! 5*

Very cool! And well written explanation! Good work! 5Sts

I guess the T Worm will win that position. I might just win the honorable mention. But I had done really hard without any help. Well I have to just play on and see which might just click.

Oh yeah and answer my question please.

Great job kids! Rating: *****

I mean look at this nice documented work; it proves that even 8 year olds can make good info projects if they want too ^_^

Welcome, have you been on this before your first post? Soon my first post is coming because I'm planning on entering in the Biomimicry challenge

So, I am 10 years. And it has been only three months I have mindstorms.

Nice! I love the movements!

Cool! A great bot! Welcome to the community! Love the documentation. It isn't often that someone describes every aspect. Good angles and a great video. ***** for documentation and a compact, simple robot.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

nice i like it

its a very god robot ;i like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

such good much good (doge)

nice! Can yuo make a biuldinginstruction and Programm download?


This is very cool robot!!! COOL

Neat looking robo... Congrats


cool great for the first robot and (******************* and)welcome to the community

Very nice robot!

Very nice robot! You can make it fast.

Wow what a mega ultra focusing cool robot !!!! I love these robots !!!!

Nike job looks good

TWorm aka TwoWheeledInchworm



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Hello, EV3 community. We'd like to share with you our first mindstorms creation. We are 8 and 10 year old kids and we built this robot with a help of our daddy. We tried to bring in some unusual way of movement on two wheels and the result is this inchworm. It can be controlled by infra red remote and also uses color sensor to recognize day and night so it knows when to go to bed and when to wake up. And in the end we found out that it nicely fits into both Two Wheeler and Biomimicry challenges, isn't it great?

twowheeler two wheels inchworm biomimicry

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