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Finally! It's been time for a new challenge…

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Hey, CunHaid has a dancebot! (As far as I know, that is his only post :-))

NEW CHALLENGE!!!! THis one sounds awesome, I will enter with an ALL NEW ROBOT! That's if I finish the one I'm currently building right now.

Cool! It was time for a new challenge! Maybe, i'll enter!

Unfortunately, I can't upload programs and videos (mp4) in the last time (since december). Maybe the moderation team could have a look at the problem and repair that...

I might make an improved version of my walker me 3 but just made for dancing by the way do you have to show your program?

Are there any prizes for the people who won the catergries?

I've got 3 existing robots to enter and maybe some new ones!

Q: Are there any prizes for the people who won the catergries? A: Yes! Check out the "Additional Information" and see the Judging Criteria. Winners will be featured with a MINDSTORMS.com news story.

Q: Unfortunately, I can't upload programs and videos (mp4) in the last time (since december). Maybe the moderation team could have a look at the problem and repair that... A: We'll let the web team know of your problem. Have you tried using a different web browser?

Q: do you have to show your program? A: It makes for a stronger entry if you show and share your program.


I can't wait if I build a dance bot :D

hmm... I think im going to use ardunio and nxt!

it's gona be quite hard but let's get to work... i think three motors are not enough.

An NXT must control the actions? That's a typo, right?

I will join

WHAT? 1 february? In NXTlog, you had 3 months the time. Why this short time? I want to make first a project of an attacking robot, and I want to build after that a dancebot. But 1 month is too short!!!

darn, I was hoping for a dinosaur challenge or dragon or something

oops... I didn't read additional info! can we use both nxt and ardunio?

This sounds great! maybe I will enter

I started working on a dance-related robot yesterday without even knowing this competition existed... DEFINITELY entering as this dance robot will be the first EV3 robot I ever made by my own design.

are you realy comunity gue

I'm in

robot in moderation now

and where they can buy

I'm working on a moon walking Biped... I will upload it very close to the deadline! I need mooore time!

Hi mods, you say you can only use Lego parts in your entry. Can you use third party sensors?

So wish I had EV3! Has 64 MEGAbytes instead of 64 KILObytes. Big difference. EV3 can hold 1024 more mp3 15-second sound files. That is, 1024 of them.

Could you give like a couple hours because I have made mind but it will take time for it to get posted

So who has won?

I was just about to enter a robot when i discovered it was too late

When do we see who won?

The next challenge has already been announced and the winners of this one haven't.

i think results come out about a week after it has ended, so on the 8th we should know.

nope, i guess not...

I thought we were supposed to get the results by yesterday?

Who won the challenge

The winners should be posted on the MINDSTORMS News section soon - but here is just a list! HONORABLE MENTION Dance Dance Revolution Created by: lyxmaya DJ DUD3 Created by: NXTcraze1 Moon Walk Bot Created by: MindedLegos Brickmen Dancefloor Created by: Robominder TECHNO THE DANCING DOG Created by: mindstormsrock12 DJ robot Created by: fredrikvegar DANC3R Created by: campest

I may have not been mentioned but I had fun!


That's the honorable mentions, but who won? I know, we have been asking the same question since the beginning of february. It must be getting annoying, sorry.

Looks like I didn't win; if Moon Walk Bot is honorable mention, then SAMURAI DANC3R probably couldn't have won. Oh well, NeXT challenge!

Here are the winners: Best Form: Walker MK 4 GROOV3 Created by: Samonicle6 Best Technique: MJ Moon Walk Biped Created by: Audiultra Most Creative: DJ MAST3R Created by: DeeJayBee333 Dance Idol: Gangnam Style Bot Created by: kyleywiley89 Judges Award: Dancing Pigeon Created by: niciscool9

YES!!!!!! I WON!!! Thank you EV3Community!


Wher are the winners?!?!?!?!?!?

can you do it with only one robot?

Congratulations winners! You all did very well.

@DammonMM2000 thank you!

Your samurai danc3rs are epic! I fond the arm movement awesome!



did you decide not to post a new news section for the winners since we already know


DANCE BOT Building Challenge



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Boogie on into the new year with the Dance Bot Building Challenge! We are challenging LEGO MINDSTORMS community members to create a MINDSTORMS robot that can MOVE and GROOVE or robot that you must have at a dance party! Robots can dance on legs, on wheels, spin, and move side to side. Dance parties need a disco ball, a light up dance floor, a DJ and more! Will your robot do the moon walk or spin it’s own tunes to dance to? You can build a LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3, NXT or even an RCX Dance Bot! What are you waiting for? Get groovin’! All entries must be tagged “dancebot” Deadline: February 1, 2014. What will you make?

dancebot dance disco boogie dj music groovy

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