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That isn't out of one nxt kit is it?


Not bad if you're trying to mix Alpha Rex and EV3RSTORM together, but wheels? Really? Overall, it's an OK project. Rating: ***

I think not.

I don't think you can enter that into Out of the Box. I don't recongnize those blue pieces from an NXT kit and the IR remote is not from a base kit and in the rules for Out of the Box it says no Power Functions components and I can see you've hidden a PF battery box on the back as well as a PF motor. Interesting though. ***

are you jack breen? your robot is so cool, i have been truly inspired.

it's also tecnic set and more lego from lego coections.

How do you built the v3stormer shotter?Can you put the instruction of the shotter,please?

creatore you go to mindstorms products and find EV3storm and click on building instuctions then look for EV3storm mission 5

belac856 what do you mean ??????

DamonMM2000 i said i am terible at bieped

This might inspire me... Maybe when I get Mindstorms EV3 I'll make a robot like this.

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NXT and PF. I think you can enter it.

@JackMindstorm3644: Out of the Box official rules say no powerfunctions and only Mindstorm base set components (no additional technic pieces).

i think you should make him walk, or I do not count him as a humanoid.

cool ten stars

OK start.

Warrior Rex Humanoid



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Presenting..... WARRIOR REX HUMANOID !!!!!!!!!! This is my and my brother first humanoid so moderators please don't reject this. This large humanoid will be described over the next steps so check it out !!!!!!!

Humanoid blaster Warrior

Intelligent Brick Type:

  • 0 
    EV3 Brick
  • 1 
    NXT Brick
  • 0 
    RCX Brick


  • 0 
    EV3 Color
  • 0 
    EV3 Infrared
  • 0 
    EV3 Touch
  • 0 
    NXT Light
  • 0 
    NXT Sound
  • 1 
    NXT Ultrasonic
  • 0 
    NXT Touch
  • 0 
    RCX Light
  • 0 
    RCX Touch


  • 0 
    EV3 Large
  • 0 
    EV3 Medium
  • 3 
  • 0 

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