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Ultimate Biped repost Profile



that's so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder I couldn't find UB on the website, thanks for reposting this bot!

This is one of the best projects ever! Why would anyone rate it two stars! I am glad you re-posted this I was really disappointed when UB disappeared! I am sure that I gave it five stars and a favorite before, and I will do it again! I hope this gets featured because it definitely deserves it!


Ah, I think I remember this robot from the first time around. My first impression was "wow". My second was "How long did that take?" :P

Really, thanks everyone! I was surprised at how many people remembered UB. (I tend to underestimate myself.)

Thanks AREM! I am fine with the ratings; its only a repost...;) However, I was not happy with the 3 star ratings on my original UB project. In fact I was so unhappy (you could definitely have called me mad :P) I rated a bunch of projects 1 star. Those projects included your R2-D2 ("How come HE got a 5 star rating!?!":P) I have long since returned those ratings to 5 stars, but I...continued

Continued... But I learned a important lesson. Giving low ratings solve no problems. I realized how terrible it is to work hard on a project only to see it get three stars. Since then I have only rated projects with 5 star ratings, and a very rare four star rating. I hope other users will continue this practice.

THANKS SO! UB took around a month to build, program, and perfect. This was a very long time for me, considering Sky, the Lego robot skier, took only two days to take on the slopes! (I did rush Sky though; snow does not last forever!:P)

Very impressive!! Walking looks like a old man, only the crutch is left :D Anyway 5P+fav

Yeah, I was unhappy that none helped you and lama-mantis with this issue. This thing is so cool. PS-Did you re-build UB for this new profile? I wish I created an LDD for my ALPHA R3X, but I didn't think about it then. How I wish now. Rating: *****

DammonMM2000: No I did not rebuild him. I just copied the old profile.

@ DaveAndJoe: When I first started building with Mindstorms I was always very concerned with ratings. Literally I would check every few hours to see if they changed, and I would brag about it if my projects were in the top 20 rated. As time has passed I have become much less concerned with ratings though. However because I remember how concerned I used to be with them I have a policy. continued..

I rarely rate a project less than three stars, I don't comment my rating if it is below four or five, and sometimes I will give a project five stars for no other reason than to encourage the builder. As a new builder I would have been devastated if I had gotten a lot of low ratings and so I am very careful about giving them out. R2-D2 got high ratings because there are a lot of Star Wars fans! :P

i have a question how many hours does it take to walk across the room?

pharramac: UB was so large he did not have much endurance. He normally would fall on his face after his 5th step

ok when i build mine i will not have him do that


Ultimate Biped repost



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Hello, DaveandJoe here! Sadly the original project was deleted during the community update. After many requests I am doing a re post of the project! (Please do not favorite this project if you already have done so on the first one. I AM NOT DOING THIS FOR MINDSCORE) From this point on is the original robot profile. --->Hello everybody! Meet UB! He is one of the tallest Lego Mindstorms bipeds in the world ( I know he is the tallest on NXTlog). He uses two NXTs , five motors, and over 1500 Legos. He is 3ft (1m) tall and weighs 6 pounds. Best of all this monster can WALK. I think that bipeds are icons . After all WE are bipeds. The video is 10x normal speed.

Cool biped walk walkingbot icon

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