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hmm... are you still in FLL? I was at the world festival too. My team got tenth in robot. Nice job on this 5*.

Awesome robot! Good luck in the out of the box challenge!

Sweet! That's a really nice whale and one can use it for all kinds of fun! I like the compact build too. Good luck in the competition. Full stars!

Did I say "whale"? A shark I mean. I wish I could edit posts. A nice _shark_ anyways :)

Thanks, guys! I'm still in FLL, team Radical Robotix looking forward to a great season. @DaveAndJoe: What team are you on?

Can anyone tell me if the EV3 file I put on here downloads properly?

It downloads and opens. There are three programs: RC, Meal Time and Program3 that only has a start block and nothing else. Dunno if you wanted to share Funky and Jaws too.

Hilarious! And by the way, is this the first project to get 5*?

OH NO, we've been struck by the mysterious 1* rater. Now it's down to 4* :(

im on team automaticus rex.

@Jazzaplot: I meant to share the Funky and Jaws programs, but I guess they didn't load. I'll try to fix it. Thanks, anyway. P.S.: HUNGRY for more? I'll be posting my video on Rebrick soon.

Hey D&J, may I ask you an FLL question? Just out of curiosity, do you plan on ever moving onto the larger robot competitions in the First Robotics League, or is FLL just something you do as part of being a Lego fan?

cool robot! good luck in the challenge!

THIS-IS-AWESOME! Rating: *****

And now it's down to three stars. This is really depressing. In fact it has even gone from :) to :l to :( to :C Well, despite ratings I still believe you did a good job.

I still have two years left of FLL,streamliners, so I am just enjoying it when I can. I may move up but I am home schooled so I would have a hard time being on a $5000 robot team.

Cool! I see you got an EV3. Is he RC or autonomous?

Because the EV3 has 4 motor ports, you could get 4 large EV3 motors and use them to drive the rear wheels of a RC car. Then you could hook up a drive shaft to the front wheels to give it 4-wheel-drive. You could use PF motors to control the steering. The EV3 intelligent brick should be able to translate the signals from PF remote since they're both infrared. It would be very powerful.

@jds7777: I love your idea and I am considering something similar. I even have something built already that I'm getting ready to post soon. (Hint, hint!) Also, the Timmyton has four programs: one RC and three autonomous. Check additional information. ATTENTION ALL VIEWERS: THE VIDEO IS NOW POSTED ON MY REBRICK PAGE (Builderdude35)

Thanks! You could also combine your EV3, NXT, and Power Functions to build a huge, powerful machine! I'm looking forward to your next creation. Hope it comes out well!


You deserved it dude! ( I probably sound like some really weird cool guy when I say that.) I am somewhat surprised at the winners, well that is besides this one! *Note DaveAndJoe is not some weird cool guy and is not affiliated or associated with any weird cool guys.


Thanks jazzaplot and DaveAndJoe! @DaveAndJoe, you are so funny! And don't worry about being a weird cool guy. Nikola Tesla was a cool guy who almost married a pigeon...weird. Isaac Newton was a cool guy who shined sunlight into his eyes with mirrors...weird. Moral of the story: being a weird cool guy can be radical, as long as you're not too weird. Does this speech make me a weird cool guy?

I am thinking you are a weird cool guy now...

Very cool!! Congrats on your win ;)

Cangrats on a second projecy on NXT Step! I have building instructions for one of my projects on there...

@DaveAndJoe: Thank you. Which of your projects is on the NXT Step? Is it UB? I am a big fan of your creations! Keep up the good work!.

Is this built with only one EV3 set?

It is made with one 31313 set. I checked

Oh yeah, I saw the info on The NXT Step blog. How did you get your project on there Kyle?

DamonMM2000: At the 2013 FLL World Festival, my coach suggested I speak to one of the MCP's there. You might be familiar with Bazmarc, are you? He was the one I talked to and he was very interested in the Timmytons. He has been posting information on the Timmytons ever since. The most recent post was about the Timmyton 5.0 winning the Out of the Box challenge.

cool robot but were are the instructions to biuld it?

HELP?!?! When I open the ProjectEv3.ev3 I get like 20 different files. How do I just get the .ev3 files?

Timmyton 5



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Hello, fellow MINDSTORMS Loggers! I'm back with my latest robot! The Timmyton 5.0 is my entry into the Out of the Box challenge. It's made from one EV3 set and building instructions and programs are included! (If you're not familiar with the Timmyton series, they're robotic sharks that do tasks for you. This one's more pet-like than the last four generations.) Click on "Additional Information" to find out more!

timmyton5 5thgen outofthebox ev3 irsensor colorsensor buildinginstructions programs crankshaft mediummotor largemotor shark hungry dancing

Intelligent Brick Type:

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    EV3 Brick
  • 0 
    NXT Brick
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    RCX Brick


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    EV3 Color
  • 1 
    EV3 Infrared
  • 0 
    EV3 Touch
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    NXT Light
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    NXT Sound
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    NXT Ultrasonic
  • 0 
    NXT Touch
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    RCX Light
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    RCX Touch


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    EV3 Large
  • 1 
    EV3 Medium
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