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Baryonyx 3 with tank challenge Profile



Not many people can build and program a good robot in just 7 days.... but fortunately I have just finished a tank-like robot and if I can finish the LDD in 7 days, I will post it. :D


There does not need to be an ldd

and I will extend time

for some reason I can not edit

I forgot to include Tank Challenge in the title and like you said I can't edit it, so could you consider it anyways? Its called TILT3D, and I HAVE finished the LDD.


If ur going to extend the competition, when to? I need to know, cos I don't have much time on my hands.... Also 'tank' is not very specific - even if you assume you don't want a fish tank :).

I will enter the REBEL Tank into the tank challenge! but the site will not let me edit it so I can not change the title.

to dave and joe Extended to the 20th of september. to my bird eats snails any type of tank.

Can I try? I'm entering it on the 20th, but if the moderation process gos too long, I'm sorry if it ends up saying, "uploaded on 21st". Would you still consider it though? Please and thank you.

I will enter with my Tank which you have commented on! Thanks for telling me about it!

I like your dinosaur, by the way...

I think you should be able to edit now, eliottkenobi.

I will accept DamonMM2000

Baryonyx 3 with tank challenge



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The baryonyx now has a color sensor and a way longer program.Now I announce a tank challenge. The rules are that It must be controlled by a mindstorm brick. And that all competitors must have tank challenge as part of the title. You must enter by sept.20th winners will be annonuced on the 22th of september.

Baryonyx dino dinosoar theropod program tank challenge

Intelligent Brick Type:

  • 0 
    EV3 Brick
  • 1 
    NXT Brick
  • 0 
    RCX Brick


  • 0 
    EV3 Color
  • 0 
    EV3 Infrared
  • 0 
    EV3 Touch
  • 1 
    NXT Light
  • 0 
    NXT Sound
  • 1 
    NXT Ultrasonic
  • 2 
    NXT Touch
  • 0 
    RCX Light
  • 0 
    RCX Touch


  • 0 
    EV3 Large
  • 0 
    EV3 Medium
  • 3 
  • 0 

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