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Cool bot! I like your automatic house! It's the home of the future! Great Job! 4stars!

I like the idea! Maybe you can also make a ghost house with scary moving things?


I add one star for you. now you have 5 stars! I like your idea. What alesclar77 and lama-mantis said was true. I want to give you an idea. Can you make a toy factory? if you want, you can do it. I trust you!

Nice idea! Never saw something similar here! 5Sts

lama-mantis: Thanks, but I think you over estimate my abilities with building houses that function.

your creation is amazing.

wow I like where you hide the NXT brick good job.

Interesting turn of building, MindedLegos. I really like the functions. Rating: ****

Faked me out Big Time. Cool place for the NXT. Movie was nice. This would be hard for me to disassemble, it looks so idealic. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome job!

Love the hidden stuff,it makes it more realistic

Awesome! If only I had more lego bricks...

Congratulations on winning the Artist Award for the ArtBot Challenge!

I mean Work Of Art Award! :D

Thanks Damon, and congrats on Scribble Pad!

Whoa! I think there are actually houses like that called smart houses.

Very nice job! A clever idea to use a color sensor as a light!

Thank you MindedLegos!

Cute hilarious and AWESOME all at the same time great job !

Awesome! I was just wondering if you can make a ev3 version of this. Thanks!

Wow, you did a great job with designing the house! Already for that alone I'll give you 5 stars! But with the added functionality, I must give you 10 stars! However it is impossible so 5 stars it is. But I love the idea, the house, everything!

Karl4123: Thanks for the feedback.

I love this house! 5*****

wow very good job in hiding the parts. I thought that it was an ordinary lego house

Good job! I've always wanted to make a NXT and standard Lego creation, but haven't had enough time (or bricks) to do it.

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You may be wondering why I am posting a non-technic Lego brick house on the Mindstorms Community. There is more to this house than meets the eye--some of the functions include an opening garage door and a skylight that opens and closes depending on the lightness or darkness outside. The garage door is controlled by two touch sensors on the side of the house, while the skylight is controlled by a light sensor within the house. When it is dark outside and the skylight closes, a blue light within the house turns on. Enjoy!

Artbot Lego Mindstorms House Skylight garage door Madewithmindstorms

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