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Epic arem!

love how you can build rails so easily with ev3! love the creativity

Wow! This is neat. Rating: ****

@ Kwon8429 Thanks! @ DavidMBAFan11 Its not that hard, just use two beams with a space in the middle. Thanks! @ DamonMM2000 Thanks!

This is crazy!! 2*!!!! how on earth do you get those ratings! This is getting to be a HUGE problem. People NEED to learn how to rate projects. I gave it a 5*. Nice job on this.

You did a absolutely amazing job with this. There is no doubt for me that this is the best EV3 project on mindstorms community so far.

@ DaveAndJoe I agree low ratings are getting to be a problem, but I wonder if it is just the new website, the only way it will show five stars is if you have never gotten a less than that. I also think at least one person is being unfair and rating almost every project 1* as soon as it is posted. There is not really much we can do about it though, other than maintain a positive attitude. :)

@ DaveAndJoe Thanks, but I would have to disagree with you, I honestly think your Omega Rex is the best EV3 project on mindstorms community so far! Bipeds are so amazing! Thanks again!

GMC - Great Mouse Contraption :P Five stars @ DaveAndJoe yep there are lots of people who like to rate one star on every project its happened to a lot of people. :(

Wow! Interesting creation Arem2326! I really like the unique design. I don't think I could come up with an idea like that! ***** & Favourite P.S.: I like the mouse. :-)

@ whenpenguinsfly25 GMC I like that! Thanks! @ DeeJayBee333 Thanks! I actually surprised myself when I came up with the idea. It required a lot of outside the box thinking!

Really good job with the rails! I like this continuous-machine idea.

@ jazzaplot Thanks, If you want to see more great ball contraptions check out nxtstep101's Great Ball Contraption, MySnailEatsPizza's Circular Reasoning 2, and my Amazing Ball Machine!

This Project is awesome!!! I only have an NXT 2.0, But I wish I had an EV3, but awesome project, 5*****!

@ function2002 Thanks! You could probably make something very similar to this with the NXT 2.0 set!

veeeeeery nice. try to put real bait!(:

Your an amazing builder

@ ev3nxtawesome Thanks! @ CVAN7 Thanks a lot! but there are many better builders than me.

Super rad! Congrats on winning the Out of the Box challenge!

You deserved it dude! ( I probably sound like some really weird cool guy when I say that.) I am somewhat surprised at the winners, well that is besides this one! *Note DaveAndJoe is not some weird cool guy and is not affiliated or associated with any weird cool guys.

Wow, I can't believe it, I won!

@ Builderdude35 Thanks! @ DaveAndJoe Dude, I can't believe that Omega Rex didn't win, it definitely should have. I am surprised by the winners as well, the judges must have been thinking outside the box also! By the way I have almost used "dude" in a comment on here before, but then it occurs to me that robotics geeks don't use the word "dude" very often!

I've already commented this but must praise you for your victory. So, CONGRATULATIONS!! :D

@ jazzaplot Thanks!

I just remembered this is your 3rd win in a row! That HAS to be the record for most wins!

@ DaveAndJoe I was wondering when someone other than me would notice that! Do you really think it is a record?

most of the old news was deleted during the update so I am not sure if you hold that record. It still is super impressive though!

EPIC!!!!!!!!!! 5* it is sad that people rate 1* :(

@ DaveAndJoe Thanks! Record or not I am still excited about it! I can't wait to see what the next challenge will be! @ BrennanRocksBB Thanks!


@ DamonMM2000 Thanks!

Could you give a LDD file please?

@ Robominder I can't make an LDD, I disassembled this project less than a week after I built it. Sorry!


Arem that is the best, i love making robots to. congrats!!!

@ MarsCrystalMan Thanks! @ So-Expensive Thanks!

Hi Arem, I really like the way you designed it! This reminds me of my Mousetrap board game! I like the spinning blade, and the way the hand catches the ball!

@ SebbieB123 Thanks! The inspiration for this project actually came from that game and the many great ball contraptions on this site!

This is really cool!!!

@ funnyduck99 I already disassembled it so instructions are impossible at this point. @ MINDSTORMS100 Thanks!


it would be cool if u gave the instructions

Like it! Can you add building instructions please?

4 stars-- no building intructions and no program Please make building instructions and program

Mad Scientist Mousetrap



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Hi everyone AREM2326 here with my first EV3 project, the Mad Scientist Mousetrap! It uses only parts from the 31313 EV3 set. I designed this great ball contraption robot for the out of the box building challenge. The purpose of it is to help mad scientists catch mice for their experiments. It consists of five main parts, the bait platform, the pusher, the blender, the saw, and the hand. I will describe all of them in the next steps.

EV3 outofthebox mousetrap mad scientist mice mouse trap GBC

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