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I'm speechless… NeXT Featured Robot GUARANTEED! Now following you. Rating: *****

That is absolutely awesome! I can't believe how compact it is for all the parts you put into it.

Ohh, that is one awesome megarobot!

IMPRESSING! Looks very, very heavy... ***** Now following you.

It is so good, that it doesn't need words. The only thing i can say: If it was possible to give more than 5 stars, I gave you that. Please follow me back! :)

Impressive! I like your good pictures as well.

Wow, that is amazing! five stars+favorite

Help me, I cant breath, that is just so cool, I love it, you build that? Wooooooooooooow, now I have one more favorite robot and i will follow you from now

very awesome project, definitely 5*, nice job!

Good thing I checked NXTLog (can I still call it that?) today! Great work. Reminds me vaguely of the old X series, except I never bothered to beef up the arms. X-10 had pneumatic claws but never motors...hm. Nice to see you posting again.

Well, to me, this reminds me of Balboa the NXT Boxer.

Thanks everyone for all your kind compliments! :) @NatoNX: I still call it NXTLog occasionally, just out of habit though. I remember looking at some of your X series robots, when I first joined. I'll have to check them out again sometime.

Bob! LOL! I love it, it's so, I don't know, Bob like. He is the CHOSEN ONE!

wow, cool!

Great robot! I do have a question: my picture uploads aren't working it never even says loading for internet explorer so I was wondering if you have some suggestions.

Awesome humanoid, nxtstep! :D

Could you make a biped version of this?

Thanks guys for all the comments! And yes, I could have made it walk, but I decided to make it drive.

Nice job!

Wait... Why did you name him Bob? It that the best you could come up with? :P

Wow!! for a second I thought this was from MSEP!!!!

Bob seemed like a fitting name for him. And no, I came up with a few others but I chose this one. :P

I'll take that as a compliment Dave! :)

SO COOL! I favorited it and gave it 5 stars:)

It even has working claw hands I see!

Ok this is hands down one of the coolest robots i've ever seen. Hi Bob!

I am making something like that, I'm calling it the jugg3rnaut

wooow it is awesome!!!!!

I told you it would become Featured Robot! Favorite!

Where did u get those tracks??

I love commenting! But I don't usually know what to write. By the way, five stars for you. ;)

cool! looks a bit like wall-e

Awesome! Nice job! I followed you!


It looks compact

That is so cool! You now have another follower!!!!!!!!!!

whoa... what a big robot. i will never build it because it needs 200+ bricks. excellent!! i give you ***************** (if its not impossible...) :)

Nice design. I want to have it.Take these stars ****.

That, That's Completely Outstanding!! Congrats for this awesome project, and merry christmas!

that is awesome!!!!

WOW! That's outstanding! Nice job!

plz add building instructions

how do u follow

hey nxtstep follow me plese

Hey dude! Your creation is sooooooooooo cool. And I can't believe you can put so many pieces in it! #epic!!!!!!!!

DUDE! Your robot is so beast! I can't wait to try it myself!

Hi guys! I have been busy lately. I am not going to be on for a while. Nice robot!

AWESOME!5 *. I am no following you. please check out my projects and maybe follow me too?


Cool! Seems very interesting, and I like the guard feature.

how do u get your robot to be featured?

Coooooooollllllllll! Now following you :D

Can you make the cuber?I want to see it!

Epic robot! One of the best robots I've seen !!! I'm transfixed........ Rating:5 trillion stars*******************************+*****************************************************************


Really nice robot! Good job! I'd like to have these square pieces, which you used, too. They are very light and give the robot a lot more stability. In any case: 5P

hay how abawot bob the nxt giant

ps I just got the ev3


Needs to keep fit :D

Thanks everyone for all your uplifting comments. :) I will be starting another robot soon, so stay tuned. ;)

Super R0b0T!

now make a tread mill for it hahaha just kiding

Congratulations on 2000 mindscore!

I love it! Great job.

This is the best robot I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love bob!

This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob the NXT Humanoid



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Hello, everyone! I'm back with a brand new project. Bob is a humanoid robot that has the ability to do a variety of things. He has a tracked base with skid-steer driving, two arms that can move up and down, and two hands that can open and close. Bob uses two NXTs, six NXT motors, three sensors (ultrasonic, sound, and light), and more than 1,000 Technic pieces. I built Bob to test out bluetooth controlling on my new laptop, but he can be also be programmed to do other tasks autonomously. I started on a program that would allow the user to pick between three different programs, the first one being a program that would have Bob explore his surroundings. The second one would be a program that would have him "guard" a designated area and alert you (via bluetooth) whenever a trespasser is spotted. The last one was just for fun; it would make him dance to a beat. Overall I really enjoyed building this robot, and was amazed at how it turned out. My schedule has become a lot less busy so hopefully I will be able to build robots more often. Thanks for reading! *Note: I tried uploading a video but it would not allow me due to the fact that it was to big. I will try shortening and then re-uploading it.

humanoid bob nxt skid-steer robot butler bluetooth

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