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You can upload a video?

Where did you get all the pieces? And by the way I am going to be posting my first robot I have ever posted on NXTLog.

Thank you for the comments. I have tried uploading a video but it keeps saying page not found. I will try to fix this but i can't promise anything.

Cool Robot!

NICE! FINALLY A 5/5***** project!

great job! (you can fast forward the vid in moviemaker, that's what I did for one of my robots)

cool!! thats pretty nifty

Don't bother fixing the video thing, it's always the same when I do it even when the video is a few seconds long

I would love to post a video but length isn't the problem. Is only 32 seconds long.

Etlrr13 to: I know how you "page not found" can handle. And you have to go on the main page of Lego. And there you must set the language to English. Then go to "Products" and on Mindstorms. Now it should work.

first timer i want to go into building cars and i am missing th big gear in the 2.0 set help or advice please

etlrr13, can you please post a pictures of the sprockets by themselves so I can see them? I would also like to know what set you can get them from. Thank you!

Bolnseyi, you don't need the big gear for everything. You can use other gears or you could go to, service.lego.com/en-us/replacementparts/#BasicInfo, and search for your missing part. I lost the Zamor sphere shooter and I got a new one there. Anyways, that is my advice and good luck!

MindstormsAddict, i have already broken my robot and started on my next project so i can't post any more pictures. Most of my parts come from the 2.0, education set, Bionicle Skopio XV-1 set #8996. The four orange sprockets, part #4528407 come in the Skopio set.

etlrr13, thanks so much for the information!

you're welcome

That looks really really cool!!!

The reason that you are getting the notorious page not found error is probably because the file size not the running time is too big. I posted a guide to help on this, just click on my username and go to Troubleshooting Guide.

I trimmed the video down to 16 sec. but it still doesn't work. I am considering making another project, Maze solver 1.0 video, but i don't want to spend a lot more time on it, though i will if anyone really wants me to.

This robot is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does the robot just follow the red line?

no, it does not only follow the line. if it encounters a turn in the line, it uses the ultrasonic sensor to determine whether it has a choice to turn or not. I wish i could post the video because it would make a lot more sense.

That is a awesome robot!!! It looks very cool, and I think it looks a bit like a tank, perhaps you can add a zamor launcher. 5 stars!

Great job! Very impressive.

you just make him follow the red line!

Smart, Awesome Job. Congradulations on Winning!

Awesome robot, 5 stars! Congrats on winning!

wow great job



Thanks for the great comments everyone

Could you make one that can get through a maze without the line? That would be VERY cool! Great job though!

That's awesome! I can't figure out how to program ANYTHING to navigate through a maze! Great job, 5 stars!

Maze Solver 1.0



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Hello everyone, this is my second time posting this project. I started posting this last night and for some reason, my computer submitted it before I finished it. Anyways, this is my second time posting it so please forgive the first one. This is my third NXT-log project and I am very proud of it. It took me about a day to build and a month to program, troubleshoot and improve. One thing you may have noticed is that there are too many sensors for the NXT sensor ports. Since I don't have a sensor multiplexer, I just have to switch wires and ports in between missions. You may also be wondering why I have a claw on a maze solving robot. Well, this didn't originally start out as a maze solving robot. It's original task was to locate and "steal" a flag--a capture the flag bot. But when I changed it to maze solver, I liked the claw and I didn't want to take it off. Anyways, I will describe the various attachments in the following steps... Oh, and please rate and comment!

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