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cool AREM2326 my cousin who loves going fishing with me would think that this is amazing and this cousin likes legos anyway great project

It looks like you will win three challenges in a row now.: P

I couldn't get the NXT-G program to upload. Does anyone know how to upload an NXT-G program on this new site? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

Awesome! I love fishing, and this is so cool! Rating: ****

Never mind about the four stars, I've just rated it *****!

I made something just like this!

cool five stars

@ jedicaleb7 Thanks! you should show it to your cousin sometime. @ DaveAndJoe I hope so! but I really need to figure out to post the program or I don't think it will qualify. DamonMM2000 Thanks! Glad you rated too! @ ijp1218 Yes I checked it out. Was it a game or an actual fishing pole? THANKS EVERYONE!

for uploading the nxt-g program, you have to clickve the nxt symbo on the place where you add pictures and select the nxt-g file. then you will see one of the pics. will have the nxt symbol. on the bottom of it you will see .rbt. there! youre done! 4stars!

what does it do? seems cool

@ ev3nxtawesome Thanks I will try that, if it uploads successfully you can download the program and see exactly what it does! @ iaobardar10 Thanks!

cool 5*****

this is an amazing project

cool,where is the download

how does it work ishanrian

You will probably just want to post another project with a program. thats what I will do with omega rex.

Btw, Are you a AFL?

@ barriebently Thanks! @ eliottkenobi Thanks! @ 63power6gegfhdughs Sorry about that, the program is in moderation now. @ ishanrian The program should be uploaded soon. You should be able to understand how the game works better with it. @ DaveAndJoe Thanks for the advice, I just tried to upload the program in this project but if that doesn't work I will try uploading it separately.

@ DaveAndJoe If you mean Adult Fan of Lego, I am not yet. However I am a Teenage Fan of Lego, and I fully intend to keep building once I am an adult!

Great idea and implementation!

@ jazzaplot Thanks!

you can build cool Robots

@ mindstormer7500 Thanks!

NXT Fishing Game



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Hi everyone, AREM2326 here with my latest project, NXT Fishing! I made it using only an NXT 2.0 set, it uses 1 NXT brick, 2 touch sensors and 1 servomotor. The touch sensor at the front is pressed when you swing the rod back and forth. The motor measures the rotations of the reel and the back touch sensor is used to cast. In the game you must first cast the line by pressing the rear touch sensor. When this is done it will make a sound like it is reeling out line and then wait a random amount of time. After a few seconds you will hear a sonar sound, this means a fish is close! Yank back on the rod and reel it in quick! If you reel fast enough it will say "good job" and will show you how many pounds you fish was. If you don't reel fast enough the fish will get away and it's game over. I had a great time building this, it is also my first program using data wires and it was a delight to program. I am very pleased with how this project turned out, and I hope you enjoy it! PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, FAVORITE, AND FOLLOW! THANKS FOR READING! Until NXT time, AREM2326

game fish fishing pole NXT data wires AREM2326 outofthebox

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