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Velocity Landrone 2.0.1 More details

The Robot

The Landrone has an array of sensors that aid in different tasks. It has two light sensors, a sound sensor, two touch sensors, and a ultrasonic sensor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Light Sensor (The one facing up at the right side - in pic on first step) This light sensor is used to determine if the light in the room is sufficient to follow lines. I have designed a system that gives the percentage (%) of ambient light compared to the capacity in which the light sensor can effectively function. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Light Sensor (The one facing the floor) This light sensor is used to follow lines; even ones of different colors. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sound Sensor - This concept is still in development, but theoretically this would be used to direct the robot with vocal commands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Touch Sensors - These touch sensors activate programs and tell the robot to perform an action. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ultrasonic Sensor - This is used to navigate out of the way of obstacles. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Concept

I have developed a program that lets the Landrone follow differently colored lines. This concept would afford independent mobility assistance to seniors who would be moved by the robot from room to room along the lines in a predefined order. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now, I am currently working on a program that allows the Landrone to follow lines and avoid obstacles at the same time.


This system could be used to develop a working Lego Mindstorms wheelchair that would aid seniors in their everyday lives making the hard easy in a new, innovative, and inexpensive way! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To moderators: the slides shown are used from a presentation I did on this concept. All materials used are my own. I did not copy or plagiarize from any other work or website. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ JStendel ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------