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NXT OmniQuadruped More details

Walking Mechanism

The four legs of OmniQuadruped are controlled with two motors. A third motor changes the connectivity of the legs. In every case, one motor drives two legs, the second one the other two. When the robot walks straight forward or backward, the left legs are connected to each other and the right legs are connected to each other. When the robot walks sideways, the front legs are connected to each other and the back legs are connected to each other.

The Leg Design

The four legs had to be very strong to hold the weight of the robot. Therefore I designed a leg, which locks in the under position. As a result, the weightforce won't be transmitted to the transmission or the motors.


The transmission spread the power to different legs, depending on which direction the robot moves. The big gears on the egdes are directly connected to the legs. Smaller gears between the big ones move up or down, to connect the big gears, which is driven by the third motor and is demonstrated in the video.


Here I uploaded a video of the OmniQuadruped walking. Thanks for reading!