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the SMARTCANE More details

Grabber Mechanism

The grabber mechanism, (which prevents seniors from having to bend over to get an object off the floor), is simple, two servos connected to the legs of the cane close when one touch sensor is pressed and open when the other is pressed. The tires on the ends provide extra grip.

Object Distance Detection,

The ultrasonic sensor allows elderly people who can't see well anymore to estimate the distance of an object. The NXT brick plays a low tone when it detects an object. The tone gets higher each time the object gets 50cm closer.

Structure + Conclusion

I devoted a lot of time to making sure this project was stable, it is very long so that was hard to do. While it probably would not support the weight of an adult actually using it in real life I did put several cross braces and used a ton of beam connecter pins on it so it is pretty sturdy. In conclusion I would say that while the SMARTCANE may be somewhat cumbersome, the concept would be helpful to seniors in real life. THANKS FOR READING! PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!