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Senior helper pc More details

Parrot function

The Parrot function allows the blind or visually impaired people to understand if they have something in front. You have to mount the ultrasonic sensor on the shoulder by adjusting the support and then start the "Parrot". Here are the connections to Do Port A: Engine Port 4: Ultrasonic Sensor When the sensor detects something, the engine to vibrate.

Finger light

First you have to insert your finger into the rubber under the sensor and then just start the program "Lightwhendark" to ensure that, in the absence of a strong light red light will flash. This is for seniors when they enter the house and go to turn on the light.

Door alarm

This will serve as an alarm for the elderly at night. You have to connect the ultrasonic sensor to port 4 and then mount it on the side of the NXT. Launch the program in front of a closed door will open and when the NXT will sound.


Here are two photos to build the robot...