Retro Copy a view challenge



An interesting challenge is one where you can create.

Interesting, creativity challenges always pull the community, I expect some serious building from the community. This is close to my 4 second drag race, but still, awesome none the less

Yeah. this one is like that. Just create a robot like the one you searched.

I entered for your contest.

I know you did. I can't edit this sorry.

AWESOME!!! I am SO entering! :D


By the way, you might want to scroll through some of MSEp's robots.

They are cool.

I just posted an entry for your contest Luke :D .


Thanks! I knew that my full-sized cyborg arm will come in handy!PS you spelled the alphabets right,but the 5 and 7 are in the wrong position.


Retro Copy a view challenge




I am sad to say that only 1 person entered my body parts challenge: TheSuperhedgehog1573. (did i get your username right?) He won with his arm. I have decided to host a more interesting challenge though: The Retro Copy-a-view challenge. Rules: Must use lego mindstorms. Must tag your robot with R3TRO. Must include pictures and decent description, at least 5 lines long. The challenge: Search for any robots that were from 2013-2006. Inspect them. Then, using your parts, build a close replica of that robot. It can be modified, but the uses must be the same. You MUST include the name of your robot and the name of the robot you tried to copy Winners announced July 15th, 2014. May the best robots win! Picture: my older robot: VOND3 finder.

R3TRO challenge