It does looks very time-consuming. I do have one suggestion, though: add more ground clearance. Why? It is an OFF-ROAD3R Challenge, and an off-roader should be able to conquer obstacles. THink yours can do that? Update this (if you'd like) and add more ground clearance. It will be better in the end!

I should say this: It has more clearance than that; it just doesn't show it in the pics. I'd say it has a clearance of about 1-5 studs. (modules)

I may consider updating it though, so it can do 10. I just don't have suspension pieces. Nor linear actuators.

It looks like a racer than an offroader.Racers are more slimmer and more streamline.the decorations looks like it is made for speed.I agree with DamonMM2000,you should add more ground clearance,rocks of the size of an intelligent brick will make it stuck on the underside.

Okay, but the low pieces surrounding the wheels may hinder off road performance; that's what I meant.

(The rear ones.)

the wheel guards. those are easily removable.

lots of unnecessary parts, but still looks cool

I know. I made them for looks. They can be removed easily for driving.

I might build another vehicle for DamonMM2000's challenge though. It will probably have floating axle suspension, for max. clearance.

I did some of the decorations P.S. almost all of them.

@ lukeshev: I encourage you to!

I was going to but I don't have any suspension pieces. I am sad. :(





The FLAMING TORTIS3 is my biggest and most time consuming project. Taking 14 hours to build and perfect, spanned over 3 days, this is my masterpiece! I am entering it for DamonMM2000's OFFROAD3R challenge. It has considerable suspension, (natural, with a few tweaks.) 2x speed, and a sturdy, rigid chassis. It has all the components, two motors for the wheels and the med. motor for the steering. It has a IR sensor, and a colour and touch sensor. 17 and a half inches long and 8 inches wide, it is my largest creation. I will now explain The FLAMING TORTIS3's individual sections more descriptively.

OR3 vehicle suspension motors sensors 14 hours all components itisreallycool hopeyoulikeit pleaselikerateorcomment checkoutmyotherrobots