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cool!!and you are in the plane biuld off,your plane is 4.5 ot of 5 stars.so far you are tied for 1st!

WOW! This is simply superb! Rating: *****

that is sooo cool! Great Project!

Shoutout to MindedLegos!

That is awesome! 5*****!

You had any snow? None (so far) in England (where I live)

WOW epic!

LEGOEv3: Yes, I have around 3-4 inches of snow plus super cold temperatures in the North-Eastern US where I live.

did you try to drive it on snow?

Bet theres a LOT more snow where I live, my window is covered by a snow drift as I'm typing this. Very cool robot, though! I wish I had treads like those; all I have is the rubber ones.

niciscool9: Stay warm, and you can buy the plastic treads from Ebay or from a Technic set. I got my treads from the Mars Mission Crystal Reaper which is currently discontinued. If you want this set, it is available on Ebay for a PRICE.

You just build awesome vehicles!!! That's why I follow you....5P

hadidi1999: I have not tried it in the snow yet, and I am not sure if I will get to either.

You have way too much time-- And that is fantastic! Once again, great job!

This has to be one of the best things I've seen built out of a Mindstorms kit! Kudos to you!

Minded Legos I think you are probualy the best lego mindstormer! You have had a lot of featured robots!

Samonicle6: I am not the best 'mindstormer'. Where I am now is because of my experience and I have been blessed. Thanks for the comment though.

Well, you ARE better than most (better than me, at least).

DamonMM2000: I'd have to disagree and say that we are about equal. The reason you may think I am better is because I probably have a wider selection of pieces to use. By the way its amazing. When I joined the community your mindscore was in the seven-thousands range. Now its in the thirteen-thousands range!

I have to say; that's pretty cool!

Amazing! I like the suspension! And MindedLegos you are very good at building robots! Five stars + favorite

Congratulations on featured robot by the way!

I knew you would get a featured robot! All I can say is you are better then me! By the way how long have you been 'mindstorming'? I have been for 3 months

Also, what is an AWD? I'm still kinda new

Samonicle6: I've been 'mindstorming' kind of off and on. I really don't know how long in total months I've been at it. AWD means that power is sent through drive shafts to all wheels, treads, or whatever. You might also have seen 2WD, which means two out of all the wheels, tracks, etc. are moving the vehicle.

Ok thanks!

3 featured robots!WOW!I wish I could get a featured robot.

do you think I can get a featured robot?

mindstorm815: I don't know how they pick featured robots. Therefore, I can't tell if you will get a featured robot.

MindedLegos:ok.But I ment do you think I have a chance at it?

mindstorm815: You might have a chance at it. I would suggest adding videos to your models; this would probably increase your chances.

I live in beijing.

ok!thanks mindedlegos!

Hey, it really cool and whats an AWD?

hunterofbots: AWD means that power is sent to all wheels or tracks to drive the vehicle. In other words, all wheels or tracks are moving the vehicle.

Cool! Does it steer like a tank or a car? If you try it in snow, don't try it in soft, deep snow, try it on shallow or icy snow. I think it will work.

jds7777: It steers like a car. I also tried it outside with the rubber grips that can be added into the track. It worked well!

Beijing is in China.

wang2043: I know. It's cool the community is so international!

your snowmobile is cool, I will consider adding it to my mindstorms NXT 2.0 instructions

Cool! Thanks!

I bet a lot of people in the cummunity is from america.

wang2043: I'm guessing most of the people in the community are from America too.

Wow! You've amazed me yet again! I'm going to try to build a vehicle with AWD, a two speed automatic transmission (possibly four) and all wheel independent suspension. It's been in my plans for a while, but this is my busiest season. By March, I'll have more time. Awesome job and keep up the good work!

really cool


I just finished my first ever independent front suspension system! It is rack-and-pinion and has advanced geometry, like a slight toe-in. It has three hardness settings; soft, hard, extra hard. The toe angle doesn't get messed up when one wheel moves up or down. The best part is that it doesn't need any specialty parts (save for the springs)! It doesn't support AWD yet, however. I'll use it soon!

@Builderdude35: When do plan on posting your new system?

Congrats on silver! :D

@ SprinkleOtter: Thanks. Congratulations to you on Judges Award!


I am really not sure when I will be using the suspension system. Possibly the near future. I plan on building a car with RWD, four-wheel independent suspension and a 4-speed sequential transmission.

Congratulations on silver MindedLegos!

I wish i was as good as lego building as you sigh this is Awesome!!!

AWESOME ROBOT!!!!! rating * * * * 1/2

If you get the rubber grips from 4554 or bricks and pieces on lego.com, you could give it much better traction.

this is so cool. I wish i had one like it, can there be more than 5 stars? i would say 100 stars

I wish I had the parts to build this!

niciscool9 you can also get the treads from Amazon.

NXT Snow Tracker



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Due to the winter weather in my area, I decided to make a machine with treads, AWD, and a suspension system. Snow Tracker has many options like taking off the tracks and replacing them with tires. Other great features are a snow plow, which can be seen in 'Additional Information', and headlights. The drive system uses two NXT motors, and the steering only one. I added a PF M-motor for the snow plow and PF headlights. Check out 'Additional Information' and enjoy.

NXT Mindstorms Track snow plow headlights AWD wintersports OR3

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