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Sky a skiing NXT robot Profile



awesome *****


Good idea, putting the NXT in a plastic bag to protect it from the snow! I would be way too scared that it would get broken to try this! great job! *****

This is one of the most amazing and innovative robots I have seen in a long time! It definitely deserves to win the challenge! After seeing this I think I may buy a gyro sensor. Keep up the good work DaveAndJoe! five star + favorite!

Very nice, and incredibly successful too. I guess the bag is excusable since you don't want to ruin your NXT, and technically, the gyro isn't Lego either, but as I see you don't have an EV3 gyro or an RCX rotation sensor, that can also be excused. Very nice job, and I wish you luck in the wintersports challenge!

Fantastic project! I love your balancing mechanism, it does a remarkable job of keeping from falling over. It really does look like a miniature person skiing. Also Streamliners, HiTechnic sensors are generally considered LEGO elements, considering TLC endorses them and provides plastic shells for them.

COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ********************************************************************************STARS!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Job!!, nice idea using the motors to move the skis, is that to turn the robot?

OMG! This is the best working robot EVER!!!!! LDD please. I need a gyro sensor and some snow. 9999999999999*+favourite+ I hope you win!!!

Nice and Awesome!!!! Rating: *****+ Favorite! I am also working on something like that.

Impressive robot. :) I noticed only one wire in the photos, and that the US Sensor isn't connected- does it really use them?

SO, the ultrasonic sensor is a pure decoration. It serves no other use other then allowing me to be lazy enough to not need to build a real head :P. The gyro sensor is connected with a Lego education extra small wire. It is inside the bag so you may not be able to see it. The only functioning electric Lego element outside the bag is the motor for the legs.

Thanks guys for all your comments!


I go to skiing lessons and it looks better than me!

Welcome back! And, for the record, that is probably one of the coolest robot I have seen in a while!!! Great use of the Gyro!!!

Ok, thanks for clearing that up. :)

Hey builderdude! How is FLL going for Rad robotix? My team was just named two time state champs! It is super exciting!

Well, Radical Robotix has completed two out of the three tournaments. In the practice tournament, we took home two awards; 2nd place in Robot and 1st in Gracious Professionalism. Likewise, in the Qualifier, we won 2nd place in Robot and 1st in Project Innovation, and qualified for the finals in March, where we'll defend our LI Champion status. I think we might be able to do it again! Continued...

...Continued. Congratulations on winning the state championship!!! I hope Radical Robotix can go to the World Festival again. (Even if we win the LI Championship, we might not be invited back.) ): Will you be at the World Festival? If you will, I hope to see you there! And, again, congratulations!

how do you programe live giro readings?

I'm amazed! This is by far one of the coolest robots I've seen posted here in a long time. It's fully functional, completely diverse and works like a dream; I'm impressed!

Sadly We were not invited to Worlds :C. It kinda was a big loss for us. We are headed for California though.

that's sum complected stuff i could not do that. i would like sum more pics for other ideas that would be awesome thanks


Yeah. Sorry to hear that. I checked the FLL site and we won't be invited back to the worlds, either. Not sure if we'll go to California. Nevertheless, I hope your team has a good trip!

How does it move?

Really nice robot! The best on it is that Sky can ski on real snow! I also like the design! 5P +fav


The idea and the realisation is great. It is my absolut favorite on this Website!!! Great Job!!!! I never thought that the motors have enough power to stabilize the Sky.

When I go to Austria next yer, I will build something similar to this if I can get my parents to buy a gyro sensor or an EV3 education set.

So cool… No wonder you've been inactive for a while. Rating: *****

Congrats on featured project! This robot definitely should win the winter sports challenge!

HOW DO YOU PROGRAM LINE GIRO READINGS???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I mean live giro readings????????????????


Very well done! The movie really show what it can really do and it does it with apparent ease. I think in version number 2 that is if you decide to make one, should have the ability to turn also with the skies. But with that said, a great robot all-around. 5 stars from me!

I knew it would be featured!

Wow good mover!!! 5 star *****!

Speechless.....you've really done it this time DaveAndJoe! Rating:5*****

Awesome!!!It skies very neatly, I can`t ski like that!A well deserved 5(*****)stars+Favourite!(I very rarely add robot to my favourite robot)

AWESOME ROBOT 5***** and a favourite and a follow

Awsome! Also how do you make that thing?

please post a .lfx file and the programm


Congratulations on being featured! You deserve it!!!

Excellent robot! Congrats on getting your robot featured!

Dude that's so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There aren't enough people in the world who do great stuff like this. I can't wait to see more from DaveAndJoe! Great job!

It is a good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cooooooooooool idea!

Has it ever fallen?

dude that's wow just wow purely awesome that is very "n-ice" robot heh heh snow pun


that is soooooooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

this is really cool. u should have it do slalom :P

HOLY COW!!!!! Best project ever 5***** favorite and +follower!


Congrats on gold, Dave! :D

Thx SO!

I knew this would win! Congratulations on winning GOLD!

Thanks AREM!


Does it works?

Nice job!!!! I was wondering how you water proofed the NXT Brick, but then I saw the plastic mag. Nice idea!

can we watch a video of it

The video is on the project. If you press on the video camera the video will download.

that is so cool, it definitely deserved 1st place in the contest keep building

Awesome! The design is cool and the mechanisms are great! Fantastic project! 5 stars+ favourite!



so so so so cool my rating is *****

The robot looks good. I wish the videos worked. Seeing this robot working would be quite a site!



Can you make Sky with EV3?

Ha ha, yes! I am working on a SKY V2 right now with EV3.

Thanks. Please make instructions for it.


hear are my stars **********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

this ist the best lego creation i've ever seen! 5* +Like

DaveAndJoe, if I hadn't already told you, this is an awesome robot! It was so much fun to see it in person. Keep up the great projects. 5*

I would say it is about time! Just kidding :P! Thank you for helping with the filming of this project, it was the movie which made it so successful!


awesome 5************************************************************************************************************************


Sky a skiing NXT robot



78 Favorites

I will start this project with an apology. I have been away for a long time, however I am very excited to post this robot. To me it seems to be one of my coolest ever. It was super fun to work with different conditions of snow and ice while working on this project. Unlike all of my other robots this one does not work in a controlled environment. I was amazed at how well this little guy does in the snow. He looks remarkably human as he speeds down a slope adjusting himself to the terrain. If you really want to meet Sky in a super fun and cool way WATCH THE VIDEO! In the additional information I will explain how he works. Thank you for spending the time to look at Sky!

wintersports ski skiing snow robot

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