Tank Challenge 2 Start Building



When's the deadline?

Sorry didn't see the deadline in additional information. :)

Got it,but I will use the LDD because I do not own a EV3

May it also destroy a thing with another function than a shooter? Wat makes something a winner? What tag must i give to enter?

lama-mantis You need to comment the link of your robot. And you can use poles if you have 2 nxt ev3 you can use 1 to conect to your thang that pullsit down. JUST NO HANDS.

IN THE pic is a old robot. Click on my name and hit more robots click on EPIC Shooter (at the bottom).

superwhiskers what do you meen?

you do not need a ev3 you can use nxt

How to enter the challenge is noticed in "additional information". But I didn't understand the meaning of "cometting" (I'm French and the word isn't written in the dictionary nor can I find it on the net).

A limit of 20 Ev3's and NXT's, but I can use all the RCX's I like! (assuming that I had 20+ RCX's in the first place)

Fou_de_lego, I believe that BrennanRocksBB meant "commenting".

So we are supposed to just comment the links to our robots? Anyway, my link is http://www.us.lego.com/en-us/mindstorms/community/browse?query=Armored%20Double%20Gun%20Tank&order=date&category= or just search Armored Double Gun Tank. There are two projects there, one is the main project and the other is a video. Thanks for the competition.

Also, I think it might be easier if you told the competitors to just put a certain tag on their creations, like your crane challenge.

OK, I'm in! (if I can upload the video!)

fou_de_lego I spelled it wrong.

Maybe not after all..

I enter with my EV3 TANK

Tank Challenge 2 Start Building




Hi, I am here with the Tank Challenge 2. This is my 2nd Challenge. You are to build a tank that can shoot something. IT HAS TO DESTROY IT! Since I need to know that it can you have to DESTROY you need to post a video that shows that your robot DESTROY it. I DO NOT CARE HOW, ACCEPT NO HANDS! LOOK AT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR MORE RULES! Please comet and rate!

Tank Challenge 2 start Building! DESTROY video