The 20 Piece competition Enter now



Nice! I'll try to enter!


By the way the deadline is May 1st!

I'll enter SOON!!!

Sorry I did not enter in that weird challenge. I lost the post. I will ENTER!!!!

Great! the prize is a rating***** and follow!

20 pieces... Thats hard... What about RCX / NXT? What's the deadline? Do wires count as pieces? I will try to enter something...

ok, found the deadline, SORRY. I will enter!

Great! RCX and NXT and EV3 can enter!

Oh by the way... Wires do not count as pieces

I will enter!


Me too!


I like the idea. May I also use less than 20 pieces?


so Mai 1. is over... Just I and lukeshev entered something :-( Well, I still think this was a cool idea...

The 20 Piece competition Enter now




because the weird challenge was a failure I bring you the 20 piece competition!. Now the rules are that you make a robot only using 20 pieces! and add the tag [Lego20] Please enter!

Lego20 only20 pieces