@ DCman5452: Finally! Thank you for the first comment! And thank you for liking SUP3R JEEP!

Based on My jeeps I'm guessing? Great job!

@ RoboGeek525: No; actually, I got the name Jeep from you though!

@damonMM2000: Oh, ok! Check out my newest Heli-Transporter!

@ RoboGeek525: It's neat!

@DamonMM2000 THanks, Wait till you see the next robot that i am building..... Coming Early 2014

The drone? Good luck with that; I can see why it would take a season or two to finish it.

Cool! But # of LEGO Pieces: 200+??? i don't think so ;)

Well, it was close…:P

how do you build it and program it

Well, I built it with my imagination. I programed it using Daniele Benedettelli's SUP3RCAR program.

It steers via the medium motor. Click"Additional Information" for more info on the steering mechanism.





I love making cars, so out of literally 100s of ideas floating around inside my head, I asked myself, "Why not build an automobile? One that actually has off-road and steering capabilities?" SUP3R JEEP has all that, plus is remote-controlled for extreme fun! The custom remote has been tweaked from Daniele Benedettelli's SUP3R CAR R3MOTE from his book THE LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 LABORATORY. (By the way, that's partly the reason that I named this SUP3R JEEP.) Watch the new video demonstrating off-road capabilities. More info can be found in Additional Information.

LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot automobile car Jeep off-road steering capable remote-controlled RC