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Awesome! I love it! I see you've got the educational version of EV3. That's what all smart people should do if they want an EV3 set, but for the most bang for buck. Rating: *****

Excellent job on this!

That looks awesome! The design is great, very realistic; good job!

WOW! Now that's just spectacular ! I love it! I entreat you to provide building instructions too. Amazing robot

That is awesomeness from the tail to the snout!

LDD PLEEAASE!!!!!!!!!!!! I live how it walks so reliably and naturally.

You should really enter this into the TLL 2013. All you have to do is add a tag that says "Tll123" I think that this could win the "coolest" category.

A very fine job on this!

Thanks for the comments. I added the tag and will start work on an LDD as soon as I can get the EV3 integrated into the Digital Designer.

What is TTL 2013? You get the EV3 parts to digital designer if you choose filter by sets from the bottom left.

COOL!!! This is by far one of the better walkers that I've seen!

My version of LDD is 4.3. Is that why mine can't filter by sets?

Oops, the button was "Filter bricks by boxes", works in 4.3 for me. You have to select Mindstorms theme first (from the start or view menu) and the button appears. It's a bit strange that without filtering the list doesn't show EV3 pieces, only NXT, but filtering brings those parts available. The cables for ev3 are bugged though.

Wow! That's radical! The gait is so smooth and natural!

By the way I like your robots so much that I've decided to follow you. Please consider following me back.

Awsome! It looks like a real cat!!!!

Wow! I love the life-like mechanism you used in your cat!

wow. ive been trying to build a walking robot for some time now.

Looks like ALPHA R3X will be replaced with C4T v1 in the future as featured project (looking at all these comments and favorites and ratings)…

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can you post on how to build legs I always have trouble on that

I made an LDD file. The program wasn't very forgiving, but your intuition should fill in the blanks.


pretty cool, looks like a real cat! ******

Streamliners is right! This would do a good job in my contest! To find out all about it, just click on my name!

I like how it walks! its very nice made.

Wow! Very cool! It looks so clean and "simple"... Thanks for the LDD file - I'm new and didn't know about LDD - looking forward to making C4T...

I can't stop saying how great this is!!!!

Didn't I tell you in my earlier comments that C4T v1 would overtake ALPHA R3X (III) for Featured Project? Looks like it's the end of ALPHA R3X Feature reign. Anyway, great job on making Featured Project!

Awesome! I love cats. How did you make a perfect lego replica?

This one is just awsome, i love it. This must be the Perfect pet for People who is allergic agianst cats. Please, keep upload more robots, they are soo Cool.

Excellent job

dude this is just great but in the second picture it looks like the legs movement are not proper .

Really cool cat but... it can't turn.

A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

sweet! nice! epic! cool! you rock! 55555555555555555*

how did you program it?!

That walks really good!!!!!!

super nice cat.

C4T v1




I wanted a cat bot based the feline skeleton. This is the first crack at it. I hope to make the head more complex and enable it to turn with the ultrasonic sensor next.

animal TLL123