It is very awesome, but you should give more information. What does it exactly do? How does it work? Where is your inspiration from? Really, you are ruining the model if you don't give more information.

Cool! What makes it really advanced?

Please post a video

I've made 2 dragons too


Please give more info.


Heh-heh, lama-mantis seems to be saying that a lot (to robomen). :P But, I like it, so… Rating: ****

i can build that

try to make it walk and roar. fav and rating * * * *

Samonicle:building,maybe.Damon: seems like it :).pharrmac:how about building your own walking dragon?that'll be cool!.and,***

Well, well, you made Featured Robot. Congrats!

Video would be greatly appreciated! Rating: ***

wow!!!!! thats great but you say"its very big!", I mean how long is it and Im very sure thats is REEEAAAAAAALLYYY GRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAATTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really, where's the information?

Maybe it's a featured robot, but the description isn't featured.

You should make a Lego digital designer file so we can all make it! rating ****** stars


It looks cool. What can it do?

VERY AWESOME ROBOT! Can it fly good for an advanced robot

Very cool, awesome, and nice all in one. P.S super

I like this model 5***** +1

cool robot and congrats! but I agree with lama-mantis, it needs a longer description and more info

I agree with lama-mantis.


fav+4**** I love this!!!! (I think everyone is doing this, but I agree with lama-mantis.)

that is not as big as some kits!

Like a boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can it walk?

Can you give me the building instructions?

This robot is for biomimicry challenge

can you put a video on how it moves





im back with my new project EV3 DRAGON!!! It is real cool dragon he can moving wings and decompress and compress the jaw. it is very big! built with my EV3!!! It is ADVANSED robot very much built used: 8547 (nxt 2.0) 31313 (EV3) and 45560. it is nice robot!!! and real!!! good luck!!!